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Deplike Guitar Amps & Pedals App

guitar app

Guitar Effects App

Connect your guitar to your iOS / Android device.
Share your guitar tones with the world.
Try 25.000+ tones made by the Deplike Guitarist Community.

guitar amplifier simulators
guitar amps

Amplify with your device

They all sound just right. Deplike amplifies your guitar tone, the way you are used to. Inspired by real legendary amplifiers, we have created stunning tones for you to rock on!

Amps by Deplike

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Guitar Pedals Info

Customize your pedalboard

Sound effects are there for you to completely customize your tone and reach your unique sound. Guitar pedals are the best tools to reach infinite variety in your music.

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Effects by Deplike

Play guitar wherever you are!

Plug your guitar into your device and start rocking now!

Find your unique tone!

25650+ presets, One tap to play Clean, Rock, Crunch, Metal tones!

Jam like a pro!

Real tone amps and effect pedals are in your device!

guitar effects app
guitar effects app
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guitar effects app

all around the world


made by the Deplike Community

Real Tube Amps

with the best sound quality in the market

Effects pedals

to satisfy all needs of a guitarist

guitar effects app
Real Time
guitar effects app
Real Tube Amplifiers
guitar effects app
Real Effects Modeling

Zero Latency

Most people, who are familiar with plugging their guitars into their smartphones or tablets, believe that this causes distruptions in playing, especially on Android.We have proven this false as Deplike is the only app on Android app market with realtime experience!

guitar effects app
guitar effects app
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Built-in tools for guitarist needs

guitar effects app


Excellent for practicing. May you not miss a single beat.

guitar effects app


Excellent for practicing. May you not miss a single beat.


To make sure your guitar sounds the way you like it

guitar effects app

Backing Track

Play over your favourite songs. The sky is the limit.

guitar effects app
guitar effects app

Streamlined approach to the virtual rig

Compatible with both iOS and Android, it boasts an impressive collection of amps and pedals, arrangeable in a simple rig format. Its Android capabilities are impressive as well, with integrated latency mitigation doing its best to combat the issues that can arise with the OS. The world's leading authority and resource for all things guitar.

Finally an app with no latency

The struggle is real! Although there are many options that make portable guitar rigs possible, Deplike finally makes portable guitar rigs accessible and inexpensive. Small amps with 8 inch speakers are nice, but I can't fit those in my pocket. I could if I were a marsupial... sadly, I'm not...

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Vijay-Kumar Solanki Musician, Producer, Educator, NAfME Member

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