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Effects Pedals by Deplike


Oldschool overdrive pedal that most guitarists are familiar with.

The simplest form of an overdrive pedal. Sounds warm like a tube screamer.

It enables guitarists to obtain endless sustain and tone boost.

A deep distortion tone that will punch you in the chest!

A pure screamy distortion that will make headbanging irresistible.


This guitar effects pedal is called FlangumX. It gives you a classic, spacy, trippy flanger madness.

Creates a full range of stereo chorus effects from grunge to mellow vintage sounds.

This phaser pedal perfectly simulates the original analog phaser sounds of the 70s psychedelic rock!

From funky rhythms to screaming solos Auto-wah can utilize many needs.

Inspiring mellow tremolo sound brought to you by Deplike with its colorful unique design.


This pedal shifts the notes of your guitar up to ∓1 octave.

This effects pedal is here to shift the pitch 1 and 2 octaves below for your guitar.


Your sound will last forever. This fx pedal is a sustainer pedal for guitars.

This effect pedal enables guitarists to smooth out the edges of their sound without losing any gain.


Inspired by classic vintage tape delay pedals with tape speed and tape age.

Delay pedal by Deplike has the exact functions of any traditional delay pedals.


This stereo reverb pedal creates a stereo field from your mono guitar sound. Stereo reverb provides width and depth to your sound.

Reverb pedal by Deplike has the exact functions of any traditional reverb pedals.


This 5-band EQ pedal helps you reshape your sound the way you like.


This is a perfect tool for practicing and gigging.