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The simplest form of a distortion pedal. Sounds warm like a tube screamer.


Nothing less than a delay pedal. It functions as the delay pedal it is.


Creates full range of stereo chorus effects from grunge to warm vintage sounds.


You can also call her EQ. She helps you reshape your sound the way you like.

Auto Wah

From funky rhythms to screaming solos, Auto-wah is the answer.

Single Looper

This is a perfect tool for practicing and gigging.


It’s a reverb pedal. It does what a reverb pedal should do. But this one is purple.


Your sound will last forever. This fx pedal is a sustainer pedal for guitars.

Phase Shifter

This is an analog-like phaser pedal that will rock you like it’s 1984!

Dizzy Lobster

Deplike’s iconic tremolo product. The name tells everything. It’s good.

Dr. Muff

A distortion pedal, sounds like big muff and metal zone. May cause chills.

Pitch Shifter

Shifts the notes of your guitar +/- 1 octaves

Metal Head

MetalHead has a pure screamy distortion that will vibrate the metal inside!


Sustain for days starts here.

Full Blast

A deep distortion tone that will punch you in the chest!

OD 808

A classic... Creamy overdrive with 20dB boost


Roads’ stereo effect and epic reverb will fire guitarists’ dreams to get on stage.

Flangum X

She gives you classic flange or spacey, trippy madness.

Tape Delay

Tape delay with tape speed and tape age that makes you feel in old days.


This effects pedal is here to shift the pitch 1 and 2 octaves below for your guitar.