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Senior Growth Marketing Specialist
Job Type: Full Time / Part Time (Hybrid)

Experience Level: Senior

Role: Growth Marketer

Industry: Creative Industry
Company Type: Start-Up

What is Deplike all about?

We are a team of developers, musicians, educators, and music enthusiasts from different backgrounds all passionate about music and committed to making music accessible for all. We aim to democratize music by addressing key challenges in sonic technologies. We are developing innovative solutions to overcome the barriers limiting diversity, inclusivity, and equitable access to music.

Join us and be part of a highly-skilled vibrant team in a future unicorn.



5-8 years of experience in a marketing-related field.

Spent at least a cumulative $100k for marketing on various digital paid advertising channels

  • Digital Campaigns – Develop, implement, track and optimize in-house Digital Marketing campaigns across all Digital Marketing channels.
  • Web Content and Landing Pages – Manage designated sections of the organization’s website and various landing pages/microsites, including content planning and development/coordination, content/page/site implementation, SEO, testing and optimization, reporting and analysis, etc.
  • Email Marketing – Manage email marketing, including content planning and development, email implementation and scheduling, subscriber/data management, list segmentation, testing and optimization, reporting and analysis, list growth and subscriber retention, automation, etc.
  • Facebook Advertising – Create, implement and manage Facebook Ads for in-house Digital Marketing campaigns, and moderate and engage with user comments/messages.
  • Testing and Optimization – Plan, execute, measure and optimize Digital Marketing experiments and conversion tests to improve key metrics and optimize user experience.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Measure and report performance of Digital Marketing campaigns and tactics, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs). Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights.
  • Ongoing Professional Development – Stay up-to-date with digital technology developments, trends in digital marketing, and industry best practices.
  •  Additional job-related duties, as assigned.



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