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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deplike?

Deplike is a guitar effects app for mobile used by 1.5 million guitarists on Android and iOS. It lets you connect your electric, acoustic or bass guitar into your smartphone/tablet and rock it with 15 realistic tube amp simulations and 21 popular effects pedals. Plus, you can also save and share your guitar presets, and try more than 25.000 presets made by the Deplike community.

How can I connect my guitar to an Android or an iOS device?

Number of people playing the electric guitar through their phones is growing because of its simplicity and mobility. Connecting guitar to an Android phone or an iPhone like a guitar processor is really easy. Here’s a quick 3-step guide for you:

Which audio interfaces are recommended?

There are two types of audio interfaces to use while connecting your guitar to your phone: Analog Audio Interfaces and Digital (USB) Audio Interfaces. We recommend you to use USB interfaces because they offer higher quality with lower audio latency*. Check the following link to see the list of our suggested interfaces:



*Latency is the time difference between what you play and what you hear.

The sound of my guitar is heard delayed. How to avoid latency?

This is called audio latency. Especially on some Android devices, processing an analog signal is not fast enough. USB audio interfaces generally reduce the latency to very low rates. Check the following post to avoid audio latency:

I don't get any sound from Deplike. What is wrong?

If you can’t hear any sound with Deplike, it is possible that you might have missed some points. This guide will help you solve it quickly:

If there is noise, glitch or feedback while using Deplike

While playing the electric guitar, guitarists may face various unwanted noises. These noises can be squeaks, cracks, feedback, glitch etc. They can be caused by many different sources. So you need to check the units of your connection. Please follow this guide:

Can I try premium amps and pedals for free?

Of course, you can. There is a “Virtual Guitarist” inside the app that plays 3 riffs: “Clean”, “Rock”, and “Metal”. When you are in the chain screen (play icon on the right side of the screen), tap on the blue play icon on the toolbar. While exploring presets, a “Hear Tone” button will appear when you try to play a preset with premium items.

How to purchase the premium version?

Deplike offers in-app purchases, meaning, premium amps and pedals are unlocked inside the app. To see the “In-App Purchase” screen, you can simply tap on any premium item or any preset with a premium item in it.

The purchases are made from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on the operating system of your device. Therefore, your purchases are integrated with your Google Play/App Store accounts (not linked with the Google or Facebook accounts that you log in with).

I have purchased Deplike but can't use it now.

Don’t worry. Your purchases never get lost. You might occasionally need to restore purchases or switch back to your original account which you purchased Deplike with. Check the following post for more information:

Is it possible to use Deplike without a guitar connection?

Sure. There is a “Virtual Guitarist” inside the app that plays 3 riffs: “Clean”, “Rock”, and “Metal”. Using Virtual Guitarist, you can create presets and share them with the world. Also, you can hear any preset made by Deplike users, using Virtual Guitarist. Check the following guide for more info:

I want to sound like Slash/Metallica/RHCP etc. Is this possible?

  • “How can I reach the guitar tone of Slash?”
  • “I want my guitar to sound like Metallica.”
  • “Which guitar pedals does Jimi Hendrix use?”
  • “What are the amp settings for Stairway to Heaven?”

Deplike has more than 25.000 presets already and every day hundreds of new presets are created. It’s highly probable that you will find your favorite artists’ tone. Check the following guide:

Can I connect my phone/tablet to a real amp?

Yes, you can. If that’s a real guitar amp with head and cabinet, all you need to do is to connect the output of your interface to the FX-return of your amp. This will bypass the preamp section of your real amp. Generally, FX-return is at the backside of an amp.

If your amp doesn’t have an FX-send/return, then you need to connect the output to the line input or MP3 input of your amp. If your amp has none of these, then you should connect it to the main input of your amp. Make sure your amp is set to clean, try to keep your EQ as flat as possible, keep your gain low and volume high.

If you want to use only the pedals from Deplike (not the amps) then you can bypass the amp (drag and drop the amp to the trash) from the app and connect the headphone out into the main input of your amp.

How to save/share my presets?

Tap on the green share icon on the right side of the screen while you are on the chain screen (where you see your chain with amps, pedals and cabinets). This will make you share your latest chain as a preset. Deplike is not only an app, but it is also a growing community platform.

I couldn't find my issue in the FAQ Page. What should I do?

You can either use our contact form or simply send us an email through explaining your problem, device model, Android/iOS version and Deplike version. (Can be found in the Deplike’s settings page in the app)


We will get back to you within a business day.

What is the “Real Time USB Audio” inside the Android version of Deplike? What does it do?

If you are using a USB audio interface, and when the Real Time USB Audio switch is ON (the switch turns blue when it is on), it means that you are using the audio channel of Deplike. If the switch is OFF (it turns grey), then you are using the audio channel of your Android device.

When you open Deplike, it should be switched on by default. However, you might want to use the switch (turn it off) to test when you are having issues with the sound coming out from Deplike. 


What does it do?

If you are having a problem with your guitar sound while using Deplike, you may not understand the source of the problem at first sight. For example, if you are hearing some unwanted noises while you are playing your guitar with Deplike it might be caused by two main factors:


  1. External factors (e.g. cable, audio interface, speaker etc.) 
  2. Your phone/tablet is having a problem handling Deplike


If the problem persists after you switch the Real-time USB Audio off, then you can conclude that the problem is caused by external factors.

Why should you prefer a USB (digital) audio interface over an analog (jack) one?

Analog audio interfaces transfer the audio coming from the guitar directly into the phone/tablet, without processing. Since smartphones and tablets are digital devices, this analog audio wave coming from the guitar may not be handled correctly. This might result in problems with the sound quality and audio latency.


As the USB audio interfaces convert the audio wave into a digital audio signal that smartphones and tablets can process well, the sound coming back from these mobile devices will be clear of any noises and there will be no latency.