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Download Deplike Guitar Effects, Amps & Cabinet Sim for Windows and MacOS

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 for Windows and MacOS


Deplike is the ultimate recreation of a guitar studio on your Windows and MacOS devices, providing the guitar sound that you want, so no amp or pedal is needed on the recording chain for good results.

Download Deplike for free and try it out!

Standalone, VST & AU Plugin

All Deplike gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuits of legendary guitar amps, cabinets and fx pedals.

Fully equipped workspace for guitar recording and practice. Just fire up your favorite DAW that hosts VST or AU plugins. You can record guitar using effects and amps on your computer using DAWs such as Garageband, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio and many more.

You can play along your favorite songs and sound exactly like them!

Dial in a huge range of guitar tones, faster, in a more efficient and powerful way.

Use Deplike’s studio quality effects to create your signature guitar tone.

Pedals, Amps and Cabinets

15 Amp Models and Cabinets (all cabinets are free)


21 Guitar Effects Pedals