Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use deplike?

You will need an interface. It can be either analog or digital. IK Multimedia’s iRig is a good example for an analog interface. Behringer UCG 102 is a good example for a digital USB interface. Here’s a video that shows how:

The sound is coming too late.

Latency is a known issue and it is hard to overcome this problem while using analog interfaces. It’s mainly because of the limitations of Android OS and the huge variety of device architectures. Still, deplike has the fastest response time among others.

Can I save my preset?

Yes you can. On the top left corner of the screen, there’s a button that says “Active setup”. Tap that icon and you see “Presets”. Tap on it. There will be an orange box that says “Save Current”. That will save your current preset.

Can I use my usb audio interface?

Yes, if your device supports OTG then you can use any USB device you have.

I purchased a pedal but I didn’t like it. Can I have my money back?

Yes you can. You need to mail us your order number via We will refund you without any questions.

Where can I find my order number?

You should receive an e-mail that shows your order number right after the purchase.

Can I connect my phone/tablet to a real amp?

Yes you can. If that’s a real guitar amp with head and cab, all you need to do is connecting the headphone out from your interface to the FX-return of your amp. This will bypass the preamp section of your real amp. Generally FX-return is at the back side of an amp.

If your amp doesn’t have an fx-send/return then you need to connect the headphone out to the front input of your amp. Make sure your amp is set to clean channel, try to keep your eq as flat as possible (everything at noon), keep your gain low and volume high.

If you are to use only the pedals from deplike (not the amp sim) then you can bypass the amp sim (drag and drop the amp to the trash) from the app and connect the headphone out to front input of your amp (regular input). You may need to adjust the output level from the interface to obtain the optimal gain staging.

Can I use deplike without an electric guitar?

Yes you can. There is a virtual guitar player inside deplike. You can test drive our app with this feature. Virtual guitar player let’s you use every guitar amp and pedal for free. There are 3 riffs to try. Clean, Rock and Metal.

How can I troubleshoot If I don’t get any sound from deplike?

Make sure that all of your cables are intact, guitar’s volume knob is turned all the way up and all the connections are correct as described in the “how to connect” video. If the problem still persists, you need to check your mobile device with your earbuds’ microphone. Plug your headphones into your device, open deplike and check the input level while making some noises to your mic. You should see some movements in the input and output meter according to your noise, also you should be able to hear your own voice through your headphones. If still no sound, please contact us via hello@deplike.comwith the details of your Android device and version of your operating system.

If you are still unclear about something, feel free to contact us or via our Deplike Community on Facebook.