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4×12’’ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers within this orange coloured bulky cabinet gives pure satisfaction for many rockers because of the balanced mids.Slipknot’s Jim Root, Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, Deftones and other artists chose Tangerine stacks as their primary gear for

Want a high-gain tone with satisfying mids? A German 2×12’’ E212VB cabinet works perfectly for many guitarists who are enthusiastic about modern sounds.Marty Friedman, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Holt and many others decided to use German stacks for their careers. 

Handwired and plywood SLO 100 cabinets give you clarity, string punch and harmonics. This 4×12’’ cabinet is good for both overdriven and punchy-clean tones.Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Gary Moore and many other iconic guitar players used SLO 100 stacks

This 1×10’’ small Crafter cabinet is the closest to your dry signal, so it is really versatile. It adds a small speaker effect or a radio-like spirit to your tone. It can accompany various genres such as Country, Pop, Rock,

AC/DC’s bright, overdriven and vintage guitar tone is driven by a nice 4×12’’ JTM 45 cab loaded with Celestion Vintage Speakers. Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Perry and hundreds of other legends used JTM45 stacks in their careers. 

A Custom 4×12’’ JTM45 Cabinet with upgraded Greenbacks. Offers a well-defined mid range and a lowered resonant frequency for more prominent lows.The Wapi cabinet is our custom design and it is really good at creating a dark tone where your

This slant 4×12’’ cabinet sounds saturated. Its ability to handle the high-end on high-gain tones, makes the P5550 cab the choice of modern metal and djent guitarists.Used by Trivium, Gojira, BFMV, In Flames and many others 

A slant 4×12’’ Recto cabinet can create miracles, especially with high-gain amps. With slightly scooped mids, this cabinet turns a distorted guitar into a roaring beast.Metallica, Korn, Mark Tremonti, Cannibal Corpse and countless other legends used Rectifier stacks.