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iOS Developers

We are looking for Senior and Junior iOS Developers to work with at our office at METU Technopark, Ankara. We need people who think on their feet with one ultimate goal in mind: pushing the boundaries as far as possible.

We offer:
  • Challenging problems to solve in creative industry
  • Team work and agility, with creativity occurring right next to you
  • An opportunity to improve like not-happening-elsewhere
  • Hands-on communication with people, who loves what we make
  • A diverse, multinational and LGBT-friendly working environment with open-minded and wonderful people
We want:
  • Sweat, hard work, effort to learn and effort to produce,
  • Your best self inside the company
  • Respectful and fluent communication in English
  • Prior experience with iOS development which you can back it with a showcase
  • You to have a prior knowledge in object-oriented programming and design patterns
  • You to have an understanding of robust and test-driven development
What we do:

We are building a rockstar of an app, which enables guitarists to play their favorite music in its original tone without spending tons of money to buy physical equipments. We also offer them a platform to make their own preset tones and share it with their friends. Basically, we are revolutionizing the whole guitar industry.

As we said, we are building a rockstar of an app 🤟

What you should do:

Apply via attaching your CV and 2-3 sentences about the reason you’re applying to Deplike.

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