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C++ Developers

Deplike is looking for Senior and Junior C++ Developers to work on an Audio I/O development project. We need people who think on their feet with one ultimate goal in mind: pushing the boundaries as far as possible.

We offer:
  • Challenging problems to solve in creative industry
  • Teamwork and agility, with creativity occurring right next to you
  • An opportunity to improve like not-happening-elsewhere
  • Hands-on communication with people, who loves what we make
  • A diverse, multinational and LGBT-friendly working environment with open-minded and wonderful people
We want:
  • Sweat, hard work, effort to learn and effort to produce,
  • Your best self inside the company
  • Respectful and fluent communication in English
  • At least 2 years of experience in software development with C++
  • You to have a prior knowledge in object-oriented programming and design patterns
  • Preferrably, you to have an interest in Audio I/O programming and Digital Signal Processing
  • You to have an understanding of robust and test-driven development
What we do:

We are building a rockstar of an app, which enables guitarists to play their favorite music in its original tone without spending tons of money to buy physical equipments. Also, we offer them a platform to make their own preset tones and share it with their friends. Basically, we are revolutionizing the whole guitar industry.

As we said, we are building a rockstar of an app 🤟

What you should do:

Apply via attaching your CV and 2-3 sentences about the reason you’re applying to Deplike.

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