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Cabinets by Deplike

This cabinet offers clarity and punch, also boosts high frequencies. Influenced by the Deluxe Reverb ‘68 with a 1×12’’ Celestion G12V-70.

JCM 800 cabinet by Deplike simulates the warm and saturated British sound used by Slash of Guns N’ Roses and Kerry King of Slayer.

To unveil this Acoustic cabinet’s potential, use an acoustic guitar or piezo pickups. A 1×10’’ neutral speaker aims to give you the flattest sound possible.

2×12’’ SVT-212AV cabinets are excellent for bass guitars and it does a really versatile job by handling both punchy high-end and earth-shaking low-end at the same time.

The German E412SGB, 4×12’’ cabinet is a great choice for the guitar players who want warmth and presence, both on clean and distorted tones.

2×12’’ Greenback speakers within an AC30 are excellent for clean and vintage tones such as Queen’s.

A slant 4×12’’ Recto cabinet can create miracles, especially with high-gain amps. With slightly scooped mids, this cabinet turns a distorted guitar into a roaring beast.

4×12’’ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers within this orange colored bulky cabinet gives pure satisfaction for many rockers because of the balanced mids.

This slant 4×12’’ cabinet sounds saturated. Its ability to handle the high-end on high-gain tones, makes the P5550 cab the choice of modern metal and djent guitarists.

A Custom 4×12’’ JTM45 Cabinet with upgraded Greenbacks. Offers a well-defined mid range and a lowered resonant frequency for more prominent lows.

The spirit of a combo-amp from the 60’s is hidden inside a 2×12’’ Bassboy cabinet. Bassboy is used by Tom Waits, Kurt Cobain and Eric Clapton.

AC/DC’s bright, overdriven and vintage guitar tone is driven by a nice 4×12’’ JTM 45 cab loaded with vintage celestion speakers.

This 1×10’’ small Crafter cabinet is the closest to your dry signal, so it is really versatile. It adds a small speaker effect or a radio-like spirit to your tone.

Handwired and plywood SLO 100 cabinets give you clarity, string punch and harmonics. This 4×12’’ cabinet is good for both overdriven and punchy-clean tones.

Want a high-gain tone with satisfying mids? A German 2×12’’ E212VB cabinet works perfect for many guitarists who are enthusiastic about modern sounds.