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Which amp does guns n roses use, who is slash, how to sound like guns n roses and much more.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use?

There are so many iconic guitar sounds. So, it’s hard to choose just one tone that fits the style of Guns N’ Roses. You can immediately associate Guns N’ Roses’ signature tone with guitarists. Getting the right tone from the band is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from special amplifiers and pedals, it takes lots of knowledge and patience to get the right sounds. This guide will give you a few tricks to get the best possible Guns N’ Roses guitar tone.

Who is Slash?

For decades, guitarist, and former Guns N’ Roses member, Slash has been inspiring guitarists all around the world. People consider him one of the best guitarists in the industry. He was a part of one of the most successful bands in history, Guns N’ Roses. Also, he is known for his solo work and work with other bands such as The Black Keys.

Since the 1980s, Saul Hudson has been a prominent member of Guns N’ Roses, which peaked in the 1990s. He is one of the most talented guitarists around.

From the 1980s to the 1990s, there was a huge influx of great guitarists. However, none were more iconic than the late, great guitarist known as “Slash.” He was able to create a unique blend of blues, rock, and jazz that was both entertaining and frightening at the same time.

Those who caught the “Not in This Lifetime” reunion tour of Guns N’ Roses will be able to attest that the band’s members have not lost their edge. While they’re working on their new album, Hudson is also maintaining his solo career.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to play the same style of guitar that he used to create his unique sound. We’ll also give you a few shopping options to try and reproduce his signature sound.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use? | How to Sound Like Guns N Roses?

One of the first things that you need to know about playing the guitar to sound like a great musician like Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist, and this is because he has a lot of technique and talent.

Since the release of Guns N’ Roses’ debut album “Appetite for Destruction,” many guitarists have been dreaming of playing the same guitar style that the band’s guitarist, Slash, used in his famous songs.

The formation of Guns N’ Roses was one of the most significant events in the history of music. Aside from Axl Rose, the band also featured the impressive drumming of Steven Adler, the powerful bass of Duff Mckagan, the orchestral conduction of Israel Stradlin, and the god of guitar Slash.

Influential Band: Guns N’ Roses

Due to the quality of the band’s album and the unique guitarist, Guns N’ Roses became one of the most influential groups in the history of music.

Although it’s possible to achieve the sound of Slash using a Les Paul and a valve Marshall, the equipment used by him has evolved over the years. This makes his sound even more complex.

The sound of Guns N’ Roses guitarist, who goes by the name Slash, is characterized by his very round and balanced tone. He also uses a loaded distortion to achieve this sound. While playing, he also uses a lot of potentiometers to control his various instruments’ volume, tone, and pickup selection.

Even though he has a vast amount of equipment, it’s not possible to achieve the same sound quality as him due to his unique technique and playing style. Every guitarist has a unique way of playing and producing a distinct sound.

It’s possible to try and copy the sound of Guns N’ Roses guitarist. However, you can never achieve the same sound quality. This is because, even though you can try and reproduce his signature style, you can never sound exactly like him.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use? | Equipment of Slash


The most popular guitar guitarist and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has used during his career is the Gibson Les Paul. Even though he didn’t use an original Gibson during his time with the band, it’s ironic that he still uses the same model. In addition, since they started making replicas of the Les Paul, Gibson has also released several new expensive models.

If there’s one guitar that Mr. Saul Hudson, also known as Slash, is instantly associated with, it’s the 1959 Les Paul Standard. Les Paul was an unlikely choice for the 1980s “hair metal” guitarist. But the story of how this iconic model relates to Mr. Hudson may surprise you.

The other famous guitar that Mr. Hudson has used during his career is the 1987 Les Paul Standard. After leaving Guns N’ Roses in 2010, he started touring using his Les Pauls. Besides this, he also occasionally uses a variety of other instruments, such as the Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use? | Amplifiers

One name that stands above all others when it comes to playing guitar is Marshall. If you listen to Guns N’ Roses albums or live shows, you’ll likely hear the distinctive tone of a Marshall head. When it comes to the sound of guitarist Slash, you’ll likely find the same Marshall tone in his voice. However, which one is the best for you depends on which era you prefer.

Many people believe that the original Marshall head used by Guns N’ Roses guitarist, who is also known as Slash, was a modified 1960s model. However, this is not the case. It was a modified version of a Marshall SuperLead amp head that was owned by a company in L.A. known as Studio Instrument Rentals.

Some believe that S.I.R. #39 or #36 was used during the sessions. Tim Caswell modified the amplifier by adding a gain stage and a master volume. The resulting product enjoyed a considerable following in L.A.’s rock elite. Unfortunately, S.I.R. took back this amplifier, which led to him switching to other Marshall models.

Although he has used various types of amps over the years, the main one that he mainly relies on is the Marshall JCM 2555 Silver Jubilee. This model is a reissue of the classic 2555 and its vocalization is the same way as the original. In addition to this, he also uses a pair of Signature J.C.M. 2555s and a third amplifier that’s a backup. These are all designed to reproduce the same tone. For his dirty tone, he runs two out of these amps, which are each equipped with a 4×12 cabinet down below stage.

For his clean tone, he uses a pair of Silver Jubilee and a JCM 2555. These are equipped with KT88 output tubes instead of the standard EL34 tubes.

Guitar Effects Pedals

Most of the time, when it comes to touring, the majority of the rig used by guitarist and songwriter Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist, Slash, stays the same. He uses a variety of pedals throughout his playing. Even though his sound is not saturated with effects, his use of them has increased over the years.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use? | Boost and Overdrive

In the past, guitarist and songwriter Slash used separate custom audio electronics boost and overdrive pedals. He has now switched to the Yamaha MC-402, which features two separate effects in one enclosure.

In his interviews, he says that the MC-402 is mainly used during his solo performances. It seems like an oversized pedal, especially since he doesn’t seem to use an onboard overdrive feature. However, if you want to build a customized rig based on his sound, I suggest using a boost pedal instead.

Noise Suppressor

Using a noise suppressor such as the BOSS NS-2 is very common for guitarists to clean their sound. This pedal can help prevent feedback issues and reduce the amount of noise that comes out of their instruments. For instance, with the mode knob set to reduce, the pedal can filter out the noise from his signal instead of gating it.


In order to maintain his signature tone, guitarist and songwriter, Slash uses an E.Q. pedal known as the M.X.R. 10-Band. This tool is primarily used to deal with issues related to his live rig. If you want to try and copy the tone of this musician, you don’t need to buy this pedal or any other similar one.


The bright blue tone that comes with the guitar parts in his song “Paradise City” is mainly due to the use of an analog-to-digital converter known as the M234 Analog Chorus. This tool gives the clean guitar parts in the song an iconic color and adds a lot of warmth to it. If you want to achieve the same effect, you should use a similar type of converter. In the past, he also used an M234 Stereo.


The BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay is a vital part of the rig of Guns N’ Roses guitarist and songwriter, Slash. It can be used to create a variety of different delay sounds in his songs, such as Rocket Queen and Slither. You should remember is that this tool takes place in front of a guitar amp. This is one of the essential factors. This produces a distinct delay sound. Aside from this, the musician also uses other delay tools such as the Amplify and the Sustain to create his own unique effects.

Octave Fuzz

During his live performances, guitarist, and songwriter, Slash uses the MXR SF01 Octave Fuzz pedal. This is a signature model, but it isn’t as essential as it sounds. If you’re planning to build a guitar rig inspired by a former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, then this pedal isn’t as essential as it sounds. On some tours, he doesn’t use it at all.


When performing live, guitarist and songwriter, Slash uses a rack-based Wah with multiple controllers on stage. There are two types of wah pedals that he can choose from the Cry Baby SC95 and the Cry Baby SW95. The former is a basic wah with a lower voicing, and it features a distortion circuit. The SW95 adds a second knob to control gain and volume.

If you’re considering buying a new wah, the first thing to ask yourself is whether or not you already have a distortion pedal. With the SC95 or the SW95, you’ll want to have both a wah and a distortion in one unit.

Power Supply

The back of your pedalboard is where you will find the Decibel 11 Hot Stone power supply. This is an absolute must-have for anyone who only has a few pedals. You can easily chain your pedals to this power supply by plugging them into your car’s electrical socket.

When you’re starting to build a larger pedalboard, such as the one made by Slash, you might want to consider a power supply that’s a bit more powerful. An alternative to the Hot Stone is the Voodoo Labs Power 2 Plus.

Which Amp Does Guns N Roses Use? | Conclusion

These are the various pedals that guitarist and songwriter Slash has used over the past couple of decades. It’s important to note that these are only a small portion of what he uses. Also, he has a lot of gear that goes in and out of his rig, depending on what he’s playing.

Although the equipment that he uses is necessary to achieve his sound, it does not necessarily represent the whole sound. To achieve the best possible sound like Slash, you have to continue practicing.

Commitment is one of the most important factors that a guitarist must consider when it comes to becoming a world-class player. This will allow them to remain focused and continue to practice.

You can also achieve the same level of success as Slash, by investing in the right equipment and dedication.

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