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The Top 5 Guitar Effects Apps on Mobile

OK, connected. Now, how to generate guitar effects with the phone? There are apps for it! Do you want to play the guitar without an amp? You can use a couple of guitar effects apps on mobile! It’s super easy. Today, mobile applications may simulate your favorite Fender Amp, your dream stage gear, your broken Marshall Cab, the Mesa-Boogie that you were saving money to buy someday, or your favorite delay pedal which just had its battery drained.

History of guitar effects apps

Mobile applications were mimicking and imitating real guitar gear in the last decade. However, most of them did it in a poor manner and they disappointed analog lovers with their noticeable digital sound. Even if they sound good, they had latency issues which caused a delay while processing the sound and caused the sound of the guitars to come late after the pluck.

Nowadays, the increasing power of smartphones and the developments in the audio technologies; guitar effects apps on mobile are getting better every day and they are being used by millions of guitarists. Yet some apps are finding their ways in the market with limited functions. Just like in the case of pedals and amps, apps are suited for different needs and different ears. The technology behind mobile guitar effects software’ is still somewhat quirky. There are pros and cons for each and everyone of them. So, we complied a list for the best of them – feel free to be a contributor!

Here’s our “Top 5 Mobile Guitar Effects Applications” list:


Amplitube is one of the most sought after guitar effects app due to being earlier players in the market. There are high variety of processors in this hefty app build for all groups of musicians. Yet the problem with it arose from the platform. Amplitube is an iOS only app. Although iOS is canon for sound processing, it is not the only alternative for the everyday musician – see the end of this list.

Another thing about Amplitube is that it lacks the community function in the app. That is, you cannot share your favorite presets directly from the app itself. So, there is a little bit of friction when you want to learn what others are doing – or better when you want to share what you are up to!



  • A high variety of processors
  • Cab simulations with microphone positioning


  • Very Expensive (Each item is sold alone)
  • No social preset sharing dynamics
  • Only on iOS

Mobile POD

Mobile POD is a powerhouse of guitar effects app yet with the same platform restriction with Amplitube. Android has its problem with sound processing in the past, for a long time, iOS was the only option for the FX enthusiasts. However, things have changes. Yet Mobile POD still on the same track excluding a big portion of musicians on the way.

There is something social about music making – at least we believe so. The guitar effects apps lacking the social sharing functions or communities are -to our taste- just don’t spark big for a musician who wants to show the world that the guitar is capable of.



  • Simplistic design 
  • Easy to use with one hand


  • Expensive
  • No social preset sharing dynamics
  • Only on iOS


Here it is. Bias FX, the armada of guitar effects apps in the mobile ecosystem. Yet suffering from the same problem like the other guitar effects apps on this list, it is iOS only. Bias FX is one of the most realistic and HQ sound FX apps in the market that it has huge buzz around the guitar community all around the world. It has a nice tone sharing feature for our liking that make the community shine with different tastes. Yet, beware, Bias FX is hard to use and even harder to master. Although all guitar effects apps on this list are plug and play – Bias FX is more like plug tinker and play!



  • Realistic and High-Quality sound
  • Cab simulations with microphone positioning
  • A basic tone sharing feature


  • Hard to use and master
  • Only on iOS


I love Tonebridge. I just love how it enables musicians with its large preset library, simple design, and being free to use. The best part is it has an Android app in the market of guitar effects apps. However, due to the constraints of the Android sound processing technology, Tonebridge has a high latency problem when coupled with an Android phone.



  • Provides large preset content with their riffs to hear
  • Easy to use and simplistic design
  • Free to use


  • High Latency on Android (No USB audio interface support)
  • Does not get updated


Thanks to the new generation guitar application, Deplike, many problems were solved! Deplike profiled real guitar amps and analog guitar pedals with its own recipe and it offers the most realistic sound in the digital world, ever! Deplike also solved the latency issue, especially in Android, by being the only application with USB interface support. Because, it has its own USB driver. Therefore, it can give your input signal straight into your output device, without any delay, it’s instant and real-time.

Deplike features 15 super realistic guitar amplifier simulations and 21 FX pedals for any needs of a modern guitar player. Plus, Deplike offers more than 10.000 presets made by the community and every day hundreds of new presets arrive for the ones who are less experienced in dialing their desired tone. You can simply search for Led Zeppelin, Metallica or Jimi Hendrix and reach their tones with a single tap.



  • The only app without latency (USB audio interface support)
  • The most realistic sound (Tube amp profiles and analog pedals)
  • Huge preset content (Hundreds of new presets arrive every day)
  • Free with ads or subscription


  • No recording feature yet, but it’s on its way 🙂

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