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How To Play Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar?

How To Play Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar?

The Beatles are regarded as one of history’s most influential bands. Beatles songs have become so popular that many people around the world have a reverence for them. It’s no surprise that many guitarists would like to learn how to play their songs. It’s hard to determine just how influential the Beatles were, not just in their raw figures but also in the music culture they created during that period. Their influence can be seen in the direction of rock and pop music.

The Origin of The Beatles

The Beatles are regarded as some of the most successful bands in history. They have sold over half a billion copies of their albums worldwide. They have 16 out of the top 100 most-selling singles of all time, 7 of the top 10 most successful albums of all time, and 3 of the top 5 most-selling single music of all time.

The Beatles were together for less than a decade as a band, yet their influence on the musical landscape is indisputable, having been labeled the most influential band in history. The “British Invasion” of rock and roll was led by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, who left a trail of 20 #1 Billboard songs and millions of followers in their wake, even years after the group dissolved.

With their distinctive mop-top haircuts and matching jackets, the “Lads from Liverpool” made their impression on American music listeners with an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, triggering a wave of “Beatlemania.” Their harmony-heavy, pop-tinged rock developed with the times, with the band spreading out into more experimental areas throughout the years, dabbling in more complex, more psychedelic rock.

The Beatles and Their Effects

The Beatles’ effect on innumerable musicians has been practically valuable since then. The Beach Boys, KISS, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters are among the notable bands and artists that have credited The Fab Four as an inspiration.

George Harrison’s guitar playing was a driving element in The Beatles’ sound. Harrison’s rockabilly influence may be heard on early Beatles singles like “She Loves You” and “From Me to You.” The Beatles’ musical progression allowed Harrison to show off his more creative side and unleash stunning arpeggio work on songs like “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in the band’s later years.

In this article, we’ll look at some simple songs from The Beatles’ discography, certain chords you’ll need to perform The Beatles’ songs, and the band’s lasting legacy.

How to Learn Beatles Songs on Guitar?

Learning to play songs by The Beatles may provide a whole new level of appreciation for their timeless sound. These tunes are suitable for guitarists of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. While some of The Beatles’ songs need a more sophisticated understanding of chords and methods, we make it simple to divide these songs down into simpler chunks and courses. This method allows even inexperienced guitarists to expand their understanding of chords and the numerous methods necessary to perform Beatles tunes at their speed.

In fact, you can use iconic vintage British amplifier, VOX AC30 in Deplike and can get bright sounds like The Beatles. At first, make sure you know the most frequent chords used in The Beatles’ songs before you start playing some of your favorite Beatles songs. To effortlessly transition through one chord to the next, begin learning any of the following chords: C – C7 – D – D7 – E – Em. 

Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar

We picked these songs because they focus on the fundamentals, which will help you strengthen your playing foundations and become a better musician. So, practice your basic guitar chords and strumming patterns, and be ready to conquer the following Beatles songs!

Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar | 1. Yellow Submarine

Starting with one of not just The Beatles’ most instantly identifiable tunes but also one of the world’s most well-known songs. It was so successful that it received the Ivor Novello award for having the best sales statistics of any song written by a British songwriter. The song signaled the beginning of a transition in the Beatles’ style, as they began to include elements of psychedelia wrapped in the idea of a children’s nursery rhyme.

This lively, lighthearted tune is an excellent choice for learning to play. And while beginning guitarists may be frightened by the fact that the instrument must be tuned down a half-step to play it, the song employs some of the first chords you learn as a guitarist.

You’ll need to change the tuning to E flat/A flat/D flat/G flat/B flat/E flat (rather than E/A/D/G/B/E). You might be freshened up to learn that you only need the chord forms for G, D, C, Em, and Am after you’ve mastered this alternative tuning. This is one of the easier Beatles songs on guitar on our list.

The song’s rhythm pattern is unusual – it doesn’t demand you to play very aggressively, but it does force you to transition between guitar chords quite fast. Because “Yellow Submarine” has no barre chords, the entire song serves as a fascinating practice in fast-swapping chords.

2. Let it Be

This simple Beatles song is one of the band’s most popular. It was composed by Paul McCartney and served as the title tune for the band’s final studio album. Notably, most people believe the allusion to “mother Mary” refers to the historical Mary, although Paul McCartney composed the song about his mother, Mary, who died when he was 14. He stated that he was inspired by a dream he experienced at a terrible moment. He saw his mother, who talked to him reassuringly.

The entire song is made up of simply four chords: three major chord forms and one minor chord. All you have to do is play C, G, Am, and F. If you’re a brand-new guitarist, you might not be familiar with the F chord. Although it may be played as a barre chord, many beginners play it as an open chord.

You use your index finger to bar the high E and B strings on the first fret. Most beginning guitarists will likely find switching between F and other open chords difficult initially, but with practice, such transitions should get simpler. This is one of the early Beatles guitar tunes that many beginner players learn. The chord progression is simple, and you may enjoy singing along while you play.

Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar | 3. Twist and Shout

Look no further than “Twist and Shout” for Beatles songs on guitar that you can enjoy playing. This is a vocal-heavy tune. Fortunately, the guitar section is quite simple to learn! Apart from the chord sequence, you’ll be playing several harmonic intervals with major and minor 3rds throughout the rendition. The simplest way to conceive of them is as simple two-note chords.

Because it’s a fast-paced tune, it’s a fantastic one to practice shifting chords effortlessly. Once you’ve mastered chord changes on a three-chord tune, you may go to songs with more chords.

Though the Beatles popularized “Twist and Shout,” they did not originate the song. Bert Berns wrote it and The Top Notes originally recorded it in 1962. When it was included in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the song gained new fame.

4. Across the Universe

“Across the Universe” is perhaps one of the most well-known Beatles guitar tunes. This song requires the following keys: C, Em, Dm, G, and Fm. The Fm is one you’ll probably play as a barre chord, but it’s not complicated. “Across the Universe” is a fantastic song to start with if you want to experiment with barre chords.

The idea for this song came to John Lennon while he was frustrated by his then-wife Cynthia’s constant speech. John remained up after she had fallen asleep, ruminating on what she had said. So he got up and turned that into a song, which he characterized as a “cosmic song” since he didn’t feel like he wrote it himself. Instead, the melody was sent to him from somewhere else.

The technical ability necessary to perform the song isn’t too tricky. However, there are riffs and extensive sequences of chord progressions here. It makes this more of a memory test than a test of guitar technique.

Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar | 5. Norwegian Wood

“Norwegian Wood” may not be one of the most well-known Beatles songs on guitar. However, it is notable for being the first famous song to use a sitar. It may seem strange for a rock band to consider incorporating a sitar on a song. The Beatles’ unexpected encounter with a sitar possibly changed music history.

George Harrison pulled and grabbed a sitar that had been put as a decoration while filming the film Help! He was enthralled by it and subsequently requested Ravi Shankar, one of the world’s greatest sitarists, to tutor him. The usage of the instrument by the Beatles helped popularize it and laid the groundwork for what we now term “global music.”

If you want to start introducing tiny riffs into your playing, this is a fantastic Beatles song to learn. You’ll need to utilize the letters E, D, A, Em, F#m, and B. You may enrich the music by experimenting with hammer-ons and pull-offs, as heard in the guitar passages of this tune.

You may also note that the lyrics of “Norwegian Wood” are less simple than those of other Beatles songs on guitar. Later in the band’s career, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and the rest of the members grew more creative and experimental. Thus, it led to result in many more strange and memorable compositions.

6. Come Together

This is another of the finest The Beatles tunes. The song is built on a catchy guitar riff, perfect to master if you’re ready to start honing your lead guitar abilities. Similarly, many Beatles songs on guitar, there are many versions of “Come Together” that you may learn to play.

So, if you’d like to learn how to strum this song, check out this handy instructional. In terms of strumming, “Come Together” is similar to many other guitar songs in that you utilize alternating strumming in a down / down / up / up / down / up sequence. You may approximate the main riff by incorporating a succession of hammer-ons and pull-offs into the chord progression. Dm, A, Bm, and a G chord will be required.

If that’s too complicated for you, don’t worry. The song is still great if you only play the primary chord sequence. And if you want to practice both playing guitar and singing, this is an excellent tune to start. Don’t forget that making Beatles songs your own, whether vocally or instrumentally, is part of the joy of performing them on guitar.

Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar | 7. A Hard Day’s Night

This is among the Beatles’ most well-known songs. It has the same name as a film about the band. A Hard Day’s Night follows the band for 36 hours. It is, however, not your ordinary documentary. The film was written and is best described as a “musical comedy.” The majority of the songs in the film were written by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney. However, you may hear a song composed by George Harrison as well.

You might have to learn a few new chords to perform the song. This Beatles song has the following chords: G, Cadd9, F, Bm, Em, C7, Dm7, D7, and Dm11. To play a simpler version, play the D chords as Dm and the C7 and Cadd9 as C. If you haven’t yet learned 7th chords, it’s worth your time to do so.

These chords have a bluesy tone to them. Thus, if you want to write an original song or two, they’re a terrific way to add some aural character. You might not like to learn this as one of the first Beatles songs on guitar. It may take some practice, but “A Hard Day’s Night” is a delightful tune to be able to play.

How To Play Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar? | Final Thoughts

If you’re a Beatles fan who’s just starting out on the guitar, you’ll be pleased to learn that many Beatles songs aren’t difficult to play.

Throughout their years together, the Beatles had several singles that impacted the world forever. You can now be a part of history. Moreover, you get people interested in your performance by playing one of their favorites using the songs listed above. You can enjoy learning your favorite The Beatles songs with Deplike and can get bright sounds like The Beatles with VOX amp.


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