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Deplike - Guitar Amps & FX Pedals
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How to find the guitar tones of famous guitarists?


“How can I reach the guitar tone of Slash?”

“I want my guitar to sound like Metallica.”

“Which guitar pedals does Jimi Hendrix use?”

“What are the amp settings for Stairway to Heaven?”


Almost all guitar players have a dream guitar tone. This can be the guitar tone of an artist or a nonexistent imaginary guitar preset that you get closer every day.

Using amplifiers and guitar pedals to reach the sound of Metallica could cost thousands of dollars. The know-how to sound like AC/DC may take years to master.

Today, digital technologies and smartphones are mature enough to replace analog gears. Mobile applications can make you sound like your icon, with a simple tap.


The mobile app “Deplike” features your favorite artists’ guitar tones:

ac dc slash dream theater slipknot deep purple arctic monkeys guitar tone


Deplike is a mobile app with over 1 million downloads and there are more than 10.000 guitar presets inside already. Users make presets from a pool of 15 amps and 20 fx pedals and the app is completely free with ads, or you can simply subscribe for lifetime access.


How to play the sound?


guitar app


Deplike lets you connect your guitar straight into your phone. To learn how, check our guide about it!

You can even use Deplike without a guitar or any connections. To learn how to make it, you can use this guide.

Deplike lets you make your own presets with 15 amps and 21 fx pedals and you can share it with the world. If you reach a guitar tone of famous artists, your preset may get popular and featured!


share guitar preset


List of amplifiers and pedals that Deplike offers:

  • Stock Amp (Fender Deluxe)
  • JCM 800 (Marshall JCM800)
  • Svt Bass (Ampeg SVT)
  • P5550 (Peavey 5150)
  • Recto (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)
  • Fox AC30 (VOX AC 30)
  • JTM 45 (Marshall JTM45)
  • Bassboy (Fender Bassman)
  • SLO 100 (Soldano SLO100)
  • Tangerine (Orange Rockerverb)
  • DST (ENGL Invader)
  • ANRG (ENGL Powerball)
  • Wapi (Unique amp with a dedicated fuzz)
  • Crafter (Crunchy tone amp by Deplike)
  • Acoustic (Acoustic amp by Deplike)
  • Vintage Overdrive Pedal
  • Dr. Muff (Big Muff)
  • Overdrive Pedal (Tube Screamer)
  • Metal Head Pedal
  • Full Blast Distortion Pedal
  • Reverb Pedal
  • Roads (Stereo Reverb Pedal)
  • Dizzy Lobster (Tremolo Pedal)
  • Auto-Wah Pedal
  • Chorus Pedal
  • Phase Shifter Phaser Pedal
  • Flangum X (Flanger Pedal)
  • Delay Pedal
  • Tape Delay Pedal
  • Equalizer Pedal (EQ)
  • Noise Gate
  • Guitar Compressor Pedal
  • Sustainer Pedal
  • Single Looper Pedal
  • Octaver Pedal
  • Pitch Shifter Pedal


Considering the number of effects with their fine tunings with the knobs: the possibilities are almost infinite!




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