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How to connect your guitar to your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) using a Rocksmith Cable?

When creativity strikes, you do not want to waste precious time plugging in extensions and cables. The Rocksmith cable allows you to instantly connect your instrument to any iOS and Android smart device that features a headphone input. The only other piece of gear you will need is a headphone or a speaker.

The main purpose of this cable is to connect our guitars to an Xbox or PlayStation console to play our favorite game ever – Rocksmith. We admit that the Rocksmith Cable looks nothing like an audio interface, but it actually is a USB audio interface. You’ve seen audio interfaces for computers with 1/4″ jack input, right? This cable, actually, is exactly the same thing: a USB audio interface with a 1/4″ cable connected to it. 




  • ¼” (6.35 mm) standard jack plug
  • USB B plug
  • 48 kHz sample rate


How to use:

The process is quite simple, really – you just plug the USB end of the cable into a phone/tablet, plug the standard jack part into your guitar. Then you plug a headphone or a speaker into the headphone slot of your mobile device. Now, you can scroll through the amp models simulated by Deplike after your favorite iconic brands, such as Recto, P5550, Tangerine and JCM 800, and jam over your favorite songs using the backing track feature of Deplike app.



The only thing you should beware of is the fact that whether your phone has a headphone output or not. We all know that some new generation smartphone models do not feature a headphone jack slot, but instead they feature a single USB port for the same purpose. 

Since you need an output source such as headphones or speakers, the headphone jack slot is necessary in order to connect your guitar to a phone and tablet using a Rocksmith Cable.





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