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How to connect your guitar to your Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad with Apogee Jam Plus?


As one of the strongest players in the audio interface game, luckily, Apogee also made its audio quality available in a more portable setting, which is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices. Apogee Jam Plus is available on the market if you are looking for an audio interface to connect your guitar to your Android device, iPhone, and iPad, and use the Deplike mobile guitar effects and amp sim app.

Instead of a bulk of stomp boxes for effects and room-filling amps and mixing boards, Deplike allows guitarists to use smart phones and tablets as a virtual guitar rig.  In order to use Deplike, you need a method of getting the sound from your guitar into your computer.   This USB interface serves as the bridge between the analog world of your electric guitar and digital environment of the Deplike mobile app.

Apogee Jam Plus is a portable audio interface that is compatible with all kinds of smartphones and tablets. It allows you to use mobile amp modeling and effects processing app Deplike to play guitar without needing any effects pedals. You can use this interface to connect your guitar to your iOS and Android mobile devices and get your dream guitar tone by using 20 effects pedals, 15 amps and their respective cabinets by Deplike app. A USB OTG that converts USB type B to your phone’s USB type (lightning, micro, C) is needed to plug the Apogee Jam Plus into your phone.



With 24-bit/96kHz audio quality, the Apogee Jam Plus processes your guitar sound well, inputting a clean, dynamic signal for the Deplike app.



How to use:


The process is quite simple, really – you just plug the USB end of the cable into a phone/tablet, plug the standard jack part into your guitar. Then you plug a headphone or a speaker into the headphone slot of the Apogee Jam+. Now, you can scroll through the amp models simulated by Deplike after your favorite iconic brands, such as Recto, P5550, Tangerine and JCM 800, and jam over your favorite songs using the backing track feature of Deplike app. You can also add your choice of effects pedals from Deplike to your virtual rig, such as overdrive, delay, reverb, chorus and many more.




  • 6.35 mm standard jack input to plug the guitar in
  • Micro USB port
  • Onboard preamp, that enables you to play without noise and also without sacrificing from your volume level. 
  • Dual mode option for Clean or Overdrive signal
  • 3.35 mm headphone out
  • Volume adjustment
  • Includes Lightning, USB B and USB Type-C cables


With quality sound, easy portability and flexible connectivity, the Apogee Jam Plus could well be the ideal way to connect your guitar to any mobile device. It features a very quick plug-in and play connectivity.


Watch the tutorial:

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