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Connect guitar to Android iOS

3 easy steps to use your Android phone or iPhone as a guitar processor



People playing the electric guitar through their phones are growing in numbers every day because of its simplicity and mobility. Connecting the guitar to an Android phone or an iPhone to use it as a guitar processor is really easy. Here’s a 3-steps quick guide for you:

Step 1: Grab a guitar


Well, if you are here then you probably completed this step way earlier. No one can easily resist buying a guitar because they are adorable. 

The connection to play the guitar through your smartphone or tablet has 3 components; the guitar, the phone, and the speaker/headphone. Having a guitar means you have your input device. The tip of your guitar jack is the input. Easy, right? Then we can move on to the next step.

Step 2: You need a speaker or headphone

Guitar speaker headphone


Another super easy step. You have to hear your guitar through an output device. This can be your small speakers, your home studio, a 5+1 surround system, your smartphone earphones or your super cool headphones. Anything you can listen to music through can be your output device while using your phone as a guitar amplifier and a pedalboard. 

Now that we have our output on board, we can move on to the final step of the connection.

Step 3: An interface to connect your guitar to your Android or iOS device

guitar effects android ios

We have the guitar, we have our speakers, how to put the smartphone between them? There are connectors to act as a hub between the 3 components called interfaces. There are hundreds of popular interfaces for guitar players. They have a jack or USB connector for your phone plus they have their input and output slots for your guitars and speakers. They simply take your guitar’s sound, send it to your phone to process it, then receive the processed signal back from your smartphone and give it to your output device (headphones or speakers).

Brands like iRig (IK Multimedia), Saramonic, Griffin, Apogee, Behringer, PreSonus, Focusrite, and countless others have very simple interfaces to plug your guitar into your Android or iOS smartphone / tablet.

If you have one of them, you are good to go. Just plug your interface to your phone, plug your guitar jack to the input slot of your interface and plug your speakers or headphones into the output channel of it.

Congratulations, you have connected your electric guitar to your smartphone and you are ready to rock!

If you have any problems or you can’t get sound, see this post.

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