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Stock Amp

Neil Young, Mike Campbell, Mark Knopfler and countless others’ Deluxe amp.

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JCM 800

Mighty amplifier, used by Guns N’ Roses and Slayer. Yes, both use this...

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The lovers of Acoustic guitar, Banjo and even Ukulele; this is your sound.

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SVT Bass

Johnny Winter’s legendary bass amp. Earth shaking bass tone starts here.

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High-gain amplifier with deep low-end. Metal players love it, Jeff Loomis too!

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Fox AC30

Vintage British amplifier. Queen’s bright sound comes from this beauty.

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The most popular amp for rock and metal. Korn & Metallica prefer this.

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Jim Root’s favourite amp. Rockers and MetalHeads love it. It’s a beast!

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High Gain Monster for metal, metalcore and djent! Corey Beaulieu of Trivium use this.

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The sound of 60’s and 70’s classic British Rock. Deep Purple tone.

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Classic American Rock Amplifier that defines 60' and 70's sound! Paul McCartney played with it too.

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JTM 45

Play like Angus Young with this tone monster, and remember 60's and 70's sounds.

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Crafter will take you to a jorney where crunchy tones will blow your mind.

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SLO 100

High-Gain growl and singing leads, Eddie Van Halen had used from the 1984 album onwards.

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Clean and ultra gain, Satisfies the needs of the modern guitar player.